Role Of CCTV Cameras In Our Lives

Privacy is the right of every human being. But sometimes people misuse it to harm others. This is the reason that gives birth to the term “Surveillance”. As a human, we need to be under impression that somebody is watching us and if we will do anything wrong, we can be caught and punished. This is the purpose that led to the invention of CCTV cameras. Now they are an integral part of our world, in every society, they have multiple roles in social, business or domestic life. The role of CCTV camera in our lives is now very important and it helps us to keep a balance in our society. The CCTV in Berwick have been utilized in every walk of life with different purposes, with the sole idea of keeping control of human movement. 

Some people are against CCTV cameras as it destroys our privacy. But if we look into a bigger picture, they help to maintain equilibrium. Yes, due to CCTV cameras now many things get recorded and sometimes people misuse them. Weighing the pros and cons of this system, then the pros will outweigh the cons by twice. There are different applications of CCTV cameras, here we will be describing a few of them:

  1. Disciplinary: The major use of CCTV camera is for disciplinary purpose. We can see these cameras on roads, traffic signal, train station or airport. Usually, they are tracking the movement of people. They have a sophisticated system installed in them if there any abnormality they will be notifying the authorities on their own. Then authorities will take proper action as preventive action. In many cases, these cameras are directly connected to the national database, that will help to take evidence against any illegal activity, notify the culprit and they will be penalized in form of fines or legal notices like traffic cameras etc. It will bound people to respect the rule of law and follow it.
  2. Prevention: In term of business, the CCTV camera is a preventative tool. Every business owner wants to protect its business premises and property. With the help of CCTV, they will manage to keep constant supervision on their business property and activities. This will reduce the ratio of theft and pilferage. This will also help the business owner to gauge the performance of their employee remotely. Also keeping a record of all the activities in their business area.
  3. Security: CCTV camera is the security emblem now. This help to identify the threat of any such activity that can cause harm to others. Now there are such advanced and complex systems, that best CCTV cameras can help to identify criminal in the mass crowd. Keeping track of people moving in any particular area. No doubt, with the right use of CCTV cameras, the world has become safe places and it helps to reduce the security threat.