Top 4 Reasons To Plan A Trip To The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef named as one of the most amazing wonders of the earth estimated to be around 6000 to 8000 years old. The Great Barrier houses a vast diverse ecosystem that supports life above and below sea level, with the advancing global warming and climate change with each year the Great Barrier Reef becomes weaker and weaker. With the ever growing awareness of climate change the Great Barrier Reef now becomes a well known topic of discussion in today’s world. Now the Great Barrier Reef declared as a must be spot by tourists and locals alike, it has become a top tourist destination here are the top four reasons why the Great Barrier Reef will make a great holiday destination.

Meeting the vast sea life of the reef

The locals of the reef includes a vast amount of sea life ranging from endangered dugongs, sea turtles, crabs, sea worms, urchins and so much more. A chance of a lifetime to go snorkeling and discover the sea-life up close and personal. Another great option that comes across is getting the chance to feed sharks and receiving the chance to actually touch a giant fish.

Into the Wild of the Barrier reefs

In addition to the vast sea-life that exists between all living things in the reef, one of the most unique feature that goes unnoticed is the sea grass and corals. Different variety of sea grass allows space and suitable environments for smaller species of fish and sea turtles, where as the corals give contribute to setting of large spawning of countless different organizations ranging from species of fish, crabs and even seahorses. The Great Barrier Reef Charters allows people to experience the true ability of the reef and adapting of species under water.

Adventuring on the Great Barrier Reef

Many tourist hotspots offer you many options of choosing between exploring the Reef through sky, land or water. Many prefer the option of exploring it on water as many other activities in addition to snorkeling and diving are offered as well. Another popular activity is known as sport fishing Australia offers its specifically located fishing spots (well away from the sensitive biodiverse areas of the reef).

Different types of Reefs you can find

There are two main different types of reefs you can view and explore on the great barrier reef varying from fringing reefs, ribbon reefs, and platform reefs. Fringing reefs are usually found around the mainland whereas oval shaped reefs can stretch up to 3 to 4 kilometers